"If we create from heart, nearly everything works, if from head, almost nothing"


12/ 10/ 2012 - Invited as Guest Speaker at EUSPEC 2012, Germany



25/ 08/ 2012 - Research Paper got Selected for ISEC SEC 2012 sponsored by MICROSOFT,Seattle,WASHINGTON,USA



02/ 10/ 2012 - Research paper got selected for IEEE ESTEL 2012 by European Space Agency,Rome,ITALY


24/ 05/ 2012 - Our Research covered by Asian Scientist Magazine



24/ 05/ 2012 - Research Paper got Selected for COSPAR SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLY,MYSORE



24/ 05/ 2012 - Received Kalpana Chawala Young Scientist Award 2012



24/ 05/ 2012 - Received Runner Up Jerome Pearson Award 2010 by International Space Elevator Consortium,USA


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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Press release 25-June-2013

Space Techos met with the Hon'ble Vice President of India, Mr. Mohammad Hamid Ansari....

Friday, 1 March 2013

SAMUTH Event at Chennai

Sourabh Kaushal, Spoke at Science Art & Management Youth event at Chennai. He spoke in front of 1500 youth at Saveetha University, Chennail and Inspire the youth by his own Success Journey and Research work.

Sourabh Kaushal Spoke at INK+MIT MEDIA LAB event at Bangalore.

Spoke at PESIT last week at INK+MIT Media Lab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology,USA) event.