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12/ 10/ 2012 - Invited as Guest Speaker at EUSPEC 2012, Germany



25/ 08/ 2012 - Research Paper got Selected for ISEC SEC 2012 sponsored by MICROSOFT,Seattle,WASHINGTON,USA



02/ 10/ 2012 - Research paper got selected for IEEE ESTEL 2012 by European Space Agency,Rome,ITALY


24/ 05/ 2012 - Our Research covered by Asian Scientist Magazine



24/ 05/ 2012 - Research Paper got Selected for COSPAR SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLY,MYSORE



24/ 05/ 2012 - Received Kalpana Chawala Young Scientist Award 2012



24/ 05/ 2012 - Received Runner Up Jerome Pearson Award 2010 by International Space Elevator Consortium,USA


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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Our Sucess Story...

I am Nishant Arora from Yamunanagar, Haryana. I opened my eyes 1st in Jagadhri, Haryana on 19-Feb-1990. My father Mr. Gulshan Arora is an Indian Railways employee. I started my schooling from a small school named S.D. Public School and ended it in “Swami Vivekanand Public School”, Jagadhri.
I was a brilliant student in my childhood scoring above 90% till eighth standard and then scored 75% in tenth CBSE board exams. During 12th board exam I found it quiet difficult to study science subjects. But, after sometime I started to find it interesting. I slide from nineties in childhood to 73% in twelfth CBSE board.
I am not a student, who likes theory, studying books all the time. I believe in practical application of theory and innovation.
After twelfth CBSE board exams I joined BTech (Electronics and Communication) “Institute of Science and Technology”, Yamunanagar which is affiliated to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.
As far as concerned about my interest in Space Science, from child hood I was quite interested in this field. I used to watch programs related to Space Science on T.V.
In second semester of B.tech, I and my classmate Mr. Sourabh Kaushal came to know about the problem of Space Debris.

I am Sourabh Kaushal a resident of Yamunanagar, Haryana. I kept my 1st step of life on 26-July-1990 in Jagadhri, Haryana and spent childhood in a small village at Kala Amb, Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh. “Blue Bells School”, Naraingarh is where I got literate.My father Mr. Ramesh Kaushal is an employee in a steel industry.
I touched 75% marks in tenth CBSE board exams and chose to be an engineer. I was chosen as Head Boy of my school. I scored only 68% marks in the exams. Then I joined B.tech (Electronics and Communication) “Institute of Science and Technology”, Yamunanagar which is affiliated to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.
As far as interest in space science is concerned, I was really inspired by Dr. Kalpana Chawla who was from our neighbor city Karnal. I was really interested in the topic of space orbital colonies i.e. human life in space. I and my classmate Nishant Arora had a discussion about the topic of space debris.

Space Techos
We found the topic of Space Debris quite interesting and started to access its history and recent growth. Then we came to know about the “Jerome Pearson Award” by “International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC), USA”. They called for papers which suggest new mitigation methods of Space Debris. We took an initiative to research about it and propose some new methods. We spent nights and days researching about this topic. We proposed some new methods to mitigate Space Debris. We submitted abstract of our paper titled “Space Debris, and its Mitigation” for the first round. Our abstract was selected in the first round. We were quite satisfied to get our abstract selected in an international level competition. We submitted our full paper after the selection of abstract. We were hoping for the best in the competition. When we got the result of “Jerome Pearson Award 2010”, we were not able to believe that our paper stood “Runner-up” in the competition. It was a moment of pride for us, our parents and our institute. This was just a start of our journey. This achievement boosted up our morale and confidence to a great extent. After this achievement, our paper titled “Space Elevator: Dilemma and Remedies” was selected for presentation in “Space Elevator Conference 2010” which was held at “Microsoft Conference Centre, Redmond, Washington, USA”. We presented our paper in the conference and we were quite happy to know that great scientists like Dr. Jerome Pearson and Dr. Yuri Artsutanov were also present there in the conference. Then we presented another paper on Space Elevator in “Euorospaceward Conference 2010” which was held at Luxembourg, Europe. After this achievement our paper titled “Space Debris: A Growing Issue” got selected for presentation in “ISTS 2011” which was held at Okinawa, Japan. We laid stress on using of nanotechnology in mitigation of Space Debris. We also proposed to use Space Debris to create energy. We are presently working with an official team of “Google Lunar X Prize” which is a great platform for us to show our talent. Moreover, the team’s name is “Team Indus” which is only team from India in the competition. So we want to work hard for Team Indus to show India’s potential to the world.
Recently, we have founded a group named “Space Techos” whose aim is to spread more and more awareness about space science in common people. We invite each and every person interested in space science to our group. We want to show the hidden talents in our society to the world. This journey from general B.tech students to Space Techos is quite interesting and rememberable and this journey will never end till our last breath.

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  1. great going ideas in two beautiful minds....m proud of you my friend..

    Amol Magar.