"If we create from heart, nearly everything works, if from head, almost nothing"


12/ 10/ 2012 - Invited as Guest Speaker at EUSPEC 2012, Germany



25/ 08/ 2012 - Research Paper got Selected for ISEC SEC 2012 sponsored by MICROSOFT,Seattle,WASHINGTON,USA



02/ 10/ 2012 - Research paper got selected for IEEE ESTEL 2012 by European Space Agency,Rome,ITALY


24/ 05/ 2012 - Our Research covered by Asian Scientist Magazine



24/ 05/ 2012 - Research Paper got Selected for COSPAR SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLY,MYSORE



24/ 05/ 2012 - Received Kalpana Chawala Young Scientist Award 2012



24/ 05/ 2012 - Received Runner Up Jerome Pearson Award 2010 by International Space Elevator Consortium,USA


"Appreciated and Recognized by"                                                                        

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Soldiers of Science- Danik Jagran NewsPaper


  1. We are Nishant Arora and Sourabh Kaushal from Haryana, INDIA. techos de aluminio

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